Ponemon Institute Releases 2018 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity

Ponemon Institute Releases 2018 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity

Companies large and small, all over the globe are becoming more and more fearful of cyberattack. You’ve probably heard about some of the major companies being hit by ransomware, and no one is safe. Without being proactive in creating and formulating a cybersecurity plan, you’re putting your own and your clients data at risk.

Ponemon Institute is an organization that measures and surveys privacy and security concerns and trends. They recently put out a report based off surveying over 1100 IT security experts from the US, Europe, and the Middle East/North Africa. The study showed that not only is cyber threat becoming more prevalent, but companies are becoming more fearful

Confidence is Down, & Ransomware is Up

Less than half of the security professionals surveyed believed they would be able to protect their company from cyberthreat. A whopping 67% of the 1,100 surveyed believed that cyber extortion or ransomware will increase in frequency/payout moving forward.

You can see the entire report from Ponemon here.

The IoT (Internet of things) is an Open Door.

From the experts surveyed from around the globe, 82% felt that unsecured devices within the framework of the company will likely cause a data breach within the next year. Another 80% felt that breach could and would be catastrophic.

No One is Telling the Board

68% of the security professionals claimed their board of directors aren’t being briefed on preventative measures to help protect from attack. Only 36% surveyed said their senior leadership found cybersecurity as a strategic priority, using resources to help prevent disaster.

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