Dedicated Network Engineer | New York State IT Solutions

Dedicated Network Engineer | New York State IT Solutions

Both large and small businesses today know the importance of having a smooth and secure IT network to work with. Having an experienced network engineer set up and manage your network is a great way to ensure your business can run efficiently. Alternatively, if your system isn’t set up correctly, your company could face some serious issues. Can you imagine losing access to valuable company data or not being able to handle payroll this week because of problems with your network?

Larger companies will typically have their own in-house IT department with a network engineer; however most small businesses don’t have the budget to keep a team of IT professionals on hand. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly popular for small businesses to outsource their IT needs to an actual IT company. That’s where VITEC Solutions steps in. With sites all over New York state, including in Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo NY, we offer network engineer services as part of our all-inclusive managed IT solutions package. If you aren’t sold that employing a network engineer will help your business grow, here’s a summary of what they can do for you each day.

Maximize Your Uptime

While network engineers are often tasked with establishing your network, they can also monitor it to check on system performance. If your network is running slowly, a network engineer will notice it and correct it before it becomes a more significant issue. In fact, constant monitoring is the best way to avert a potential disaster before it strikes. A dedicated network engineer will be able to maximize your company’s uptime so that everything can run smoothly.

Troubleshoot Network Issues

When dealing with IT and network issues, the time you spend trying to figure out the problem can sometimes take longer than the fix if you’re not an expert. Network engineers are experienced troubleshooters and can be a valuable resource to fix any major or minor hiccups your network is experiencing. In the long run, hiring a professional to handle network issues when they pop up will save you time and money.

Install Updates

As your business expands, so will your IT footprint. As you take on new clients and more responsibilities, you’re going to need to be efficient. That means frequently updating your network with new hardware and software. Having a network engineer on your side will be especially helpful in determining what you need and ensuring that it’s installed correctly.

Backup Your Network

The data that your company stores and uses each day are of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, there’s always a potential risk for lost data. Catastrophic network failure or data breach can be extremely costly to your business if any critical data is lost. Having a network backup in place before disaster strikes can make all the difference to your company’s future. A network engineer can help you setup and update a backup just in case the worst should happen.

If you’re a growing business but don’t have the resources to keep a network engineer in-house, look to VITEC Solutions and our team of IT experts. Located in Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo NY, our all-inclusive IT services will bring you the network engineering benefits you require along with additional support in other important IT areas.   VITEC is prepared to help you conquer the IT challenges you face on a daily basis. Contact us today if you have any questions; we’re excited to help your company grow.