Solution Center | Welcome to the VITEC Solutions Blog    

Solution Center | Welcome to the VITEC Solutions Blog    

VITEC Solutions is a proud provider of all inclusive managed IT solutions for companies all over New York State. After unveiling our new website, we’d like to welcome you to your new source for informative, interesting articles on everything to do with IT. Here we will talk about industry trends, how our services can help, newsworthy content and more. As this is an introductory post, we would like to start out by introducing you to what VITEC is all about.

So what does it mean to be an All Inclusive Managed IT Solution?

All Inclusive

When you turn to VITEC Solutions, you’re turning to a team that won’t nickel and dime you for IT services. We offer our services at a flat rate. You need a partner you can trust. Whether you’re a business owner and looking for a way you can improve on your current tech team, or the head of a tech team who needs help, we are here. Our services cover anything from repair to data backup to network infrastructure. You won’t have to pay extra service fees, we are just here for you.


You could look far and wide comparing outsourced IT companies and the services they provide, and you’ll find many have their own particular niche. Some may focus solely on security, while perhaps another may focus on installations or repair. What if you could have a partner that covered all bases? VITEC Solutions provides managed it solutions that encompass any tech need you could possibly have. You will have access to technicians and remote support that are always available, and will provide the solution.


When your IT department needs additional help, or you need to upgrade your whole IT department, VITEC Solutions can help. We have many long standing relationships with IT managers across New York, who know they can trust us when they need a special set of skills, or just an extra hand when bandwidth becomes an issue. Not all of our clients need their own in house IT specialists, as we are their sole solution for anything tech. In today’s world, with so much riding on technology, something is bound to cause a problem. When that happens, VITEC will provide the solution.

Stay tuned to the VITEC blog, where we will be talking about important and interesting topics and FAQ’s surrounding tech and IT specifically. If you or someone you know is running into a brick wall when it comes to finding IT solutions, reach out to us at VITEC. We pride ourselves on providing all inclusive managed IT solutions for organizations of all sizes. If you need a solution, call VITEC Solutions.