Hybrid IT Departments are on the Rise

Hybrid IT Departments are on the Rise

Outsourced IT services are becoming more and more popular in supporting the needs of businesses both large and small. A lot of companies settle for struggling with what they have, versus looking toward a team of professionals outside of their walls. It’s common for internal IT staff to be spending more time responding to password resets, server crashes and printer issues, instead of being able to focus on projects that have the capability to lead to business growth.

It is difficult for any company to maintain a full-time IT staff that has every skill necessary or adequate bandwidth to tackle every project. So what is the solution?

VITEC Solutions has your answer. As managed IT services and internal IT hybrid department. VITEC has many long standing relationships with IT managers across the region who know they can count on us when the need for additional technical support arises.

Having VITEC as your manager for your IT department will allow you to know that all aspects of IT are being covered. This hybrid model of IT that more small and mid-size business leaders are implementing as they realize that technology can actually help their business become more agile, efficient and cost-effective. For one flat rate, we can take care of anything needed, from installs and deployment to server migration to disaster planning.

A Hybrid of internal and external IT services allows for your company to run more smoothly, as well as allowing your internal IT department to be focusing on bigger, more promising projects. Lead by the expertise of VITEC, and with our support, your IT department can become a beneficial new asset to your growing business. We have even been successful in managing the entirety of your IT needs, which is something we can provide as an outsourced IT manager

VITEC works with many clients who have IT managers or even entire IT departments, as well as clients who choose us to cover all bases. Having us as your managed IT company will allow your company to be supported by a team of experts that care about the growth of your company!

Call VITEC today or fill out our contact form so we can help! Ask about how you may be able to save money for signing up today… We are looking forward to working with you!