Dedicated Network Engineer | New York State IT Solutions

Dedicated Network Engineer | New York State IT Solutions

Both large and small businesses today know the importance of having a smooth and secure IT network to work with. Having an experienced network engineer set up and manage your network is a great way to ensure your business can run efficiently. Alternatively, if your system isn’t set up correctly, your company could face some … Continued

Safety First | Make Sure Your Business is Safe While Running on the Cloud

In today’s fast-paced work environment, companies are always looking for new technologies to help grow their business.  One of the largest trends in the digital world over the last 5 years is the major shift to cloud computing. Companies large and small have turned to the cloud as a means of increasing productivity and lowering … Continued

Ponemon Institute Releases 2018 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity

Companies large and small, all over the globe are becoming more and more fearful of cyberattack. You’ve probably heard about some of the major companies being hit by ransomware, and no one is safe. Without being proactive in creating and formulating a cybersecurity plan, you’re putting your own and your clients data at risk. Ponemon … Continued